Thursday, 9 January 2014

Disabled women more vulnerable to sexual assaults: Activists

Disabled women more vulnerable to sexual assaults: Activists

Women with disabilities are more vulnerable to sexual assault and there should be better provisions for them in the law, disability rights activists said here on Tuesday.

State disability commissioner
 Kasturi Mohapatra said, "Women with disabilities were more vulnerable to exploitation and in most cases they were assaulted by men they trust. This includes family members. They need more care, support and security but the additional vulnerability of women with disabilities is not recognized anywhere. Though we have enough laws, the rate of implementation is very low. We need to change our mindset first."
Women with Disabilities, India Network, organized a seminar on the issue in Bhubaneswar on Tuesday.

"Though there are no consolidated figures on violence against women with disabilities, the magnitude and scale of the attacks can be estimated from the number of incidents reported in the media in Odisha. There must be a mechanism operational across the country where victims can report such incidents without hesitation," said Asha Hans, chairperson of the Odisha chapter of the network.

Speaking on the occasion, MP and actor Sidhant Mohapatra said, "Everybody must learn to respect each other and give equality to all. Charity begins at home, and we must start teaching our kids moral values like how to respect women. India has been passing through a crucial phase and we must learn how to deal with such degrading and disturbing incidents in the society."

Activists present at the meet said a summary of the discussions would be sent to the Convention On The Elimination Of All Forms Of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) of the United Nations. The recommendations of the
 CEDAW will be revised soon.

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